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Fish Meals

SA fishmeal FAQ
Premium quality fishmeal
Salmon meal
Tuna meal
Single species and speciality fishmeal

All fish meals are sourced from sustainable fisheries which are controlled by authorities within the country of origin.  Customer often have specific requirements concerning quality and environmental considerations, therefore we work to ensure the final product complies with these requirements. 


Shrimp and shrimp shell meals

These types of meal provide an essential ingredient for specialist products and primarily derived as a by-product of shrimp fishing or farming for human consumption from the northern hemisphere.

Rice and rice bran

Cleaned and screened rice products supplied for animal feed, predominantly in the manufacture of pet foods or equine diets.  How the products is handled and delivered is also an important consideration so these details are always monitored and controlled.  White, broken, brown and par-boiled rice are all available. 

Other specialist products include:

Potato protein

Whey powder

Egg powder

Brewers yeast

Poultry and meat meal

Krill meal